Commercial Product Information

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Our frogfilter™ keeps quality high and prices low! It works by removing nearly all of the food and other organic debris from your sink fittings before it passes into your drainage system. By installing the frogfilter™, you can reduce odor problems, improve your drain’s performance, and save money.


Clean and deodorize your plumbing system with frogflowC™! Using a battery-operated pump, we introduce the frogflowC™ into your commercial drain line to consume stubborn debris, loosen blockage, and removing bad odors!


Eliminate urine stains on carpets, hard floors, kennels, and more using our natural and safe frogrenew™ product! Our frogrenew™ is safe, delivers permanent results, can be used indoors and outdoors, and is 100% biodegradable.


If you have urinals that are backed up, lined with mineral deposits, and otherwise in disrepair? Ask us about our frogpad™ product! These urinal screens are drain lines that work to get rid of uric acid crystals and other deposits that can harm your urinal’s performance and cause unsightly deposits.

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