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Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • There is nothing quite like coming home after a long day and taking a hot shower or bath. However, you may not be able to do that if your water heater is not working properly. Whether you are looking to replace your old water heater or you have moved into a new home that needs a new one, deciding the right water heater for your home can be tricky. The primary choice is between whether you get a ...
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  • In many cases, even inexperienced homeowners can fix their clogged pipes and drains. However, certain circumstances require knowledge, skill, and experience. Not everyone understands the intricacies of plumbing and drains, which is okay! That is why plumbers exist. In order to fix your clogged pipes, you will need to determine exactly where the problem exists. Common Causes of Clogged Pipes Clogs ...
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  • Your plumbing is supposed to be the unheard hero of your home. Usually, the pipes quietly work hard to ensure that you receive the hot water with which to conduct your chores. When working effectively, your plumbing makes life easier. However, just like most things that complain when they’re in pain (kids, spouses, etc.), if your pipes make noises, it might be an indication that something is wrong ...
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  • When your pipes need repairs, it feels like the problem comes out of nowhere. It feels like the issue steadily creeps up on you, emerging unexpectedly, when you’re least prepared to deal with it. However, if you pay attention, your plumbing might give you indicators that it is time for a tune up. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we want you to be prepared for any plumbing problems life throws your ...
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