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Blog Posts in April, 2016

  • Low water pressure has been the bane of many a homeowner’s existence. Whether one is showering or washing the dishes, the reduction in pressure can cause whatever you’re doing to take longer or be generally unsatisfactory. However, finding the root of the problem can be equally frustrating. So, what can cause low water pressure in your home? Plumbing Leaks One of the main reasons you may ...
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  • Doing the dishes and cleaning your sinks are unpleasant enough, but add the smell of mold and it’s just unbearable. Not only does this moldy smell dissuade you from going anywhere near your drains, but the odor can also spread through the house. The moldy smell is not only relegated to just your kitchen sink. It can appear in the bathroom as well. To help make your home livable again, we offer ...
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  • If you are like most people, you reach for Drano when your drain seems to be moving slowly or clogging. The liquid gel seems like a miracle product, solving a problem without forcing you to get your hands dirty. For DIY plumbing, it seems like a wunderkind. However, what do you do when Drano fails you and the drain remains clogged? Well, from a professional standpoint, we would like you to know ...
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  • Trees provide a beautiful piece to landscaping. They are great during the summer, when you can just sit under them for shade. However, while everything may seem pleasant on the surface, underground may be another story. Trees grow large, strong roots to help them stabilize in the earth. However, this can be a problem when your sewer line is near. Because the sewage lines carry water that vaporize ...
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  • Often, many of us adhere to the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to our drains. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Unfortunately, if you do not pay attention to your drains, you may miss key signs that can alert you to problems. When you do notice, the damage may have increased, causing the problem to become more expensive to repair. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we want you to be prepared and ...
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