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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • When it comes to keeping your drains unclogged and your pipes clean, there are several options to choose from. Plumbers often use one of two solutions for clogs and pipe cleaning: plumbing snakes or hydro jetting. While plumbing snakes, or plumbing augers, are a more classic approach, hydro jetting offers an innovative solution for most pipe problems. So what’s best for your situation? That ...
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  • After watching all the YouTube tutorials, Googling all possible DIY fixes, and exhausting all other options, you finally admit the fact that you cannot fix the plumbing problem by yourself. You have done your research and hired a plumber. After the setting up the initial appointment, you hang up the phone and wait. You wonder what you should do to prepare for the visit. Here are a few tips to make ...
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  • You can feel the air turning nippy, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and all the stores have decorations out for all of the coming holidays. This can only mean one thing, fall is coming. But before you pull out your scarves, get ready for Halloween, or pull out the nutmeg, it is important to make sure your plumbing is as ready for autumn as you are! Here are some tips to make this fall ...
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