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How to Prevent Mineral Buildup

Dec 17, 2014

Do you notice hard water spots on your faucets and showerheads? Here are a few ways to help keep your plumbing system clean and operating smoothly! mineral buildup on sink and shower heads

Hard Water Tips:
  • Test Your Water Supply - Test your home water to see if your tap water is hard. The presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium can combine to create lime scale deposits inside your plumbing system and appliances.
  • Clean Your Faucets - Use white vinegar, lemon juice or liquid cleaner to keep your faucets free of mineral buildup. You can clean your faucets by placing the liquids on a toothbrush or filling a plastic bag with white vinegar and leaving it over night.
  • Clean Showerheads - The best way to clean your showerhead is by removing it and placing it in a plastic bag filled with white vinegar or a solution of ammonia and water.
  • Install a Water-Softener - If the water coming out of your tap is hard water, consider installing a water-softener. This will help prevent mineral deposits!

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